I’ve signed up to the Penetration testing with Kali Linux Course (OSCP)

Last week I signed up for the PWK course from Offensive Security┬ástarting in mid June with the intentions of getting the OSCP certification. I booked 60 days of lab access; I hope that’s enough, but if I don’t manage to find enough free time in those 60 days, I should be able to book some time off work towards the end. Failing that, I can always buy more time in the labs if I really need it.

I’m interested to see how I’ll handle the 24 hour exam at the end. Sounds like a fun challenge, which I suppose if what the whole point is (as well as proving skills).

In the weeks before that course starts, I’m working my way through the Metasploit Unleashed course, also by Offensive Security. Looks like a great tool, from what I’ve learned about it so far.

3 thoughts on “I’ve signed up to the Penetration testing with Kali Linux Course (OSCP)

  1. Hi Graeme,

    Would you like to post your experience with OSCP labs till date and any advice for OSCP hunters?

    • Hi,

      Well I booked 60 days, but about 14 of those I was on holiday (bad timing, I know!) so I only really got 46 days of lab access, and I didn’t manage to study on all of those days… Needless to say that when my 60 days were up, I was not ready (and still aren’t) to take the exam. I understand all the theory, but I’ve only owned about 4 machines in the lab (I’ve not been using metasploit for any of them, since it’s use is restricted in the exam to one system), and it takes me much longer that it should to do it. I’ve decided to practice some machines on vulnhub before buying extra lab time. I’m hoping that once I’ve got more experience outside the labs and I’m faster, I may manage to be ready after buying a 30 day extension.

      Are you doing the PWK course, or considering doing it?

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